‘Early day zero’ for Tafelsig residents

The City of Cape Town announced that day zero had been pushed back to 9 July, but locals living in a high-lying area in Tafelsig, Mitchells Plain, already only have tap water for a few hours a day.

Ayesha Johnston spoke to Eyewitness News about the water cuts in Tafelsig Mitchells Plain. Picture: EWN.

CAPE TOWN – The so-called day zero has already arrived for a group of Mitchells Plain residents in Cape Town.

Day zero is the day taps are expected to run dry. The City of Cape Town recently announced that day zero had been pushed back to 9 July.

However, locals living in a high-lying area in Tafelsig, Mitchells Plain, have tap water for only a few hours a day.
After that, they have to wait up to 24 hours for water.

When Tafelsig residents living in Alma Close open their taps after 10 in the morning, nothing but air bubbles and a few drops come out.

Many have been complaining for weeks.

Usually mundane chores such as washing dishes have become an added headache for Ayesha Johnston.

She lives on one of the highest points in Tafelsig and says water cuts occur daily.

Johnston says she and more than 50 other neighbours are experiencing an early day zero.

“I’m frustrated man. If this was a more affluent area something would be done about it, but nothing has been done here. We have to fill up buckets for water or get water from our neighbours.”

Neighbour Waseefa Sage finds it hard to cook, bath and clean.

“I’m feeling depressed. I can’t even do my washing and many times I need to go and do it by my mother’s house. We need to get water from my mother’s house to wash.”

The City of Cape Town says it’s rationing water by using pressure management technology.

Residents in higher-lying areas, such as Alma Close, have been advised to expect outages due to low water pressure.

Level 6B water restrictions are currently in place in Cape Town. Capetonians have had to cut their consumption to 50 litres per person a day.

The Western Cape’s average dam level has dropped by about 1% in a week.

It now stands at over 21% compared to over 22% last week.

(Edited by Shimoney Regter)

Source: EWN

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