‘EFF thinks it can punish people when it doesn’t get its way’

Athol Trollip has hit back after EFF leader Julius Malema threatened the DA over its decision not to vote with his party on the expropriation of land.

Nelson Mandela Bay Metro Mayor Athol Trollip. Picture: EWN

JOHANNESBURG – Nelson Mandela Bay Mayor Athol Trollip says it’s extraordinary that the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) feels it can “punish” people if things don’t go their way.

EFF leader Julius Malema has threatened the Democratic Alliance over its decision not to vote with his party on the expropriation of land, saying the red berets may now vote with the African National Congress if it puts a credible candidate in place.

The two opposition parties run a coalition municipality in Nelson Mandela day.

Trollip says while he’s not worried personally about being voted out, he is concerned about what the EFF is saying.

“Majority of the voters voted for change, change which they got. Things are going well and things are improving.

“Now the EFF seems to think that they’re in the position to punish people if they don’t get their own way. I found it extraordinary that Julius Malema made the unilateral decision in Parliament to say, ‘We’ll get rid of Athol Trollip.’ Obviously, there’s a racial issue there.”

Trollip says that he is concerned: “We are concerned. We offered the voters change … the EFF decided to support us in the last motion of no confidence against me and now apparently they’re bringing their own.”

(Edited by Shimoney Regter)

Source: EWN

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