Johannesburg Metro councillors march to Eskom

Johannesburg Metro councillors march to Eskom headquarters

Some councillors in the Johannesburg Metro are living in fear, as locals in their respective areas are frustrated about challenges of electricity supply.

Earlier on Tuesday, councillors from the African National Congress (ANC) Caucus staged a march outside the Eskom headquarters in Sunninghilll, north of Johannesburg.

They are demanding that the power utility improve its supply of electricity to their areas.

Locals have reportedly threatened some councillors from Ivory Park, Diepsloot, Soweto and Orange Farm and vandalised their homes after blaming them for the electricity problems.

ANC Chairperson in Johannesburg Geoff Makhubo led the march.

“Eskom is not giving customers in those wards proper service. When the transformers burn or they blow, Eskom takes its own time to replace, putting the lives of these councillors that you see behind me at risk; because they are the face of service delivery in the wards. Therefore, we are saying to Eskom: ‘no, it’s enough. We want you to work with us, to work with the communities and get people electricity, which is the basic right by the way,’” says Makhubo.

The ANC councillors have given Eskom seven days to respond to their list of demands.

The power utility’s Customer Relations Manager in Johannesburg, KK Msisi says he accepts the memorandum.

“On behalf of the organisation, I accept this memorandum and commit to responding within seven days as requested,” says Msisi.


Source: SABC

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