Two arrested for murder of elderly couple in Ottery

Cape Town – Two suspects have been arrested for the murder of an elderly Ottery couple in their home last week, Western Cape police said on Friday.

Rugaya and Riedwaan Addinall, both 82 years old were found strangled on January 6 by their son Kenwyn who went to their home after they did not answer the phone.

“The thorough and comprehensive investigation by Lansdowne detectives into the ruthless killing of an elderly Ottery couple in their home on Sunday the 6th of January 2019 led to the arrest of two male suspects last night,” police spokesman Lieutenant Colonel Andrè Traut said.

“Detectives assigned to the case worked around the clock in search of the suspects aged 20 and 29, who were both arrested at a residence in Delft. One of the suspects was acquainted with the victims.”

The suspects are due to make a court appearance in Wynberg on Monday, Traut said.

The married couple were originally from Blackheath and lived in Ottery for the last 18 months. 

Earlier neighbours, who wanted to remain anonymous, said they believed someone who knew the couple killed them. They also said it was a robbery and video cameras from neighbouring homes captured footage of the two alleged killers.

“Neighbours saw the men carry away small appliances but never suspected anything,” they said.

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